Belle Starr Sandwith for Assembly District 1

Belle Starr Sandwith believes the three most pressing issues facing Assembly District 1 are visible through our kitchen windows, in our waterways and reservoirs, and on our streets. "Many AD1 residents would agree that wildfire, water, and homelessness are top priorities for our district. We can't continue letting wildfire ravage our communities, ignoring worsening drought, and sitting idly by as the housing market and homelessness impacts so many of our neighbors."

"AD1 deserves improved forest management and new initiatives to keep our communities safe when wildfire erupts; renewed efforts toward safeguarding a clean and reliable water supply for residents, industry and the environment; and a fresh and unrelenting approach to increasing access to affordable housing and expanding homeless services."

As our next Assemblymember, she will always stand tall and fight for these and other key policy priorities. That's why a vote for Belle Starr is a vote to make our district a better place to live for everyone.

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Wildfire Prevention & Mitigation

  • Lower the cost of wildfire insurance and enhance community safety through mandatory insurance incentives for individual and local wildfire prevention efforts.
  • Expand FAIR Plan coverage.
  • Improve wildfire detection and notification systems.
  • Expedite WUI management in state-owned land and slash red tape around other critical wildfire prevention initiatives.
  • Develop new programs for supporting wildfire evacuees and other climate refugees.
  • Facilitate new partnerships among local groups, the state, and even the private sector.
  • Conserve and foster legacy forests.
  • Reinvigorate community college and university forestry programs to jumpstart proactive forest management and keep jobs local.
  • Make sure that newly available wildfire prevention grant money comes to District 1.

Housing & Homelessness

  • Increase housing affordability and availability.
  • Develop new programs to assist members of the workforce and the underhoused.
  • Improve funding and staffing for local homeless support networks.
  • Effective implementation of new state frameworks for delivering mental health and substance use disorder services.

Water Management

  • Fight to ensure that state law is safeguarding a clean and reliable water supply for District 1’s residents, industry, and environment.
  • Frequent meetings with stakeholders to monitor and strategize about local concerns like curtailments.
  • Thorough enforcement of illegal diversions.
  • Strong advocacy for state-level budgeting for water infrastructure like groundwater banking projects.

Healthcare Access

  • Fight for affordable and accessible healthcare, including the full range of reproductive choices for all.
  • Increase funding and staffing at county behavioral healthcare facilities.
  • Build out responsive community crisis intervention systems.